National Traffic Safety and Environment Lavoratory

HOMEResearch Activities

Research Activities

Overall efforts related to car

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    Automotive Safety Research Department

    The Automotive Safety Research Department conducts experiments and research on reducing damage caused by collisions, vehicle maneuverability and braking, lighting performance, automobile information systems and resistance of automobile electronic equipment to electromagnetic waves in order to ensure and improve automobile safety.

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    Automobile Type Approval Tests

    In Japan, new motor vehicles must be approved by Local Land Transport Offices for initial inspection and registration before they can be used. The Motor Vehicle Type Designation System (motor vehicles, etc., are examined about the conformity with standards in advance) has been established to enable efficient and appropriate inspection for the sake of ensuring safety and environmental conservation.

Efforts of international cooperation ensure

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    Railway Certification Center

    Certification is an evidence of superiority in safety and reliability of railway products. NRCC* contributes to safety of railways in the world through certification. *An abbreviation for National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory - Railway Certification Center

Efforts related to local transportation , etc.

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    Traffic System Research Department

    To ensure the safety of railways, cableways, airlines and other transportation systems, the Traffic System Research Department examines and researches the flow of traffic in addition to conducting experiments and research to improve and ensure the safety of railway and cableway facilities, carriages, and driving. In addition, the Department ensures and improves the safety of airlines through experiments and research in areas such as visual guidance systems.

Research Facilities

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Cross-Sectional Study Projects

Improvements to Regional Environment

Analysis of Accident Preventing Measures

Enhancement of Functions of Urban Transport Systems

Enhancement of Functions of Transport Infrastructure

Environmental Conservation

Saving and Diversification of Energy Resources

Analysis of Damage Reduction Measures

Analysis of Accident Causes