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Research on Advanced Light Rail Transit Systems

Light rail transit (LRT) systems are being promoted mainly in Europe and North America as an urban transit system that allows easy boarding and alighting and is suitable for the aging society. The LRT system is less costly and is environment friendly. Research is carried out to eliminate overhead trolleys to improve the beauty of city landscapes and to develop tramcars that can negotiate sharp curves smoothly. A priority operation system that can pass road traffic signals smoothly and other equipment and systems are studied, to further advance the LRT system. If, as a result of this research, LRT systems can be introduced to city centers focusing on aesthetic qualities and can become a high-speed and comfortable means of transport, it is expected that implementation of such LRT systems will be expanded upon and driving of privately owned cars in city centers will be reduced.

Low-Floor Vehicle
Light rail can be boarded and alighted on ground level
Boading and Alighting Light Rail System
Light rail system has low floor and can be
easily boarded and alighted