Automobile Type Approval Test Department

In accordance with the Road Transport Vehicle Act, the Automotive Type Approval Test Department conducts technical testing of new vehicles type and their  components for compliance to safety and environmental regulations on a type-by-type basis before they are sold on the market.

In particular, the department examines the application documents submitted  by the applicant and conducts various tests on actual motor vehicles to confirm compliance to various regulations.

The structure of the Automotive Type Approval Test Department is as follows:

Automotive Type Approval Test Department

To examine motor vehicles, etc. flexibly and efficiently while responding to strengthen regulations, newly introduced technologies, etc., members of the Department are organized into groups of specialized fields of examination.

Cyber Security Type Approval Test Center

The Cyber Security Type Approval Test Center conducts examinations on cybersecurity and software updates.

Automobile Proving Ground

TheAutomobile Proving Ground  is in charge of maintenance and operation of its facilities such as  test track for braking tests and noise tests, facilities for emission tests,collision tests, and so on.

♦ Chubu Office

The Chubu Office provides type approval testing mainly for the Chubu region.

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Address Kitae-cho 1-1-2, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya, Japan

Outline of Automotive Type Approval Examination


Automotive Type Designation System

Before a new vehicle can be released, it must undergo a new vehicle inspection at the District Transport Bureau, etc.
To ensure the efficient and proper implementation of these new vehicle inspection,  vehicle safety, and protecti on of environment, the Automotive Type Designation System requires ,OEM etc. to undergo prior inspections for compliance to regulations.
The Automotive Type Approval Test Department is the only organization in Japan that impartially conducts  testing of motor vehicles compliance to regulations on the safety, environmental performance, fuel consumption, etc. set by the government.
In addition, there is a New Vehicle Notification System mainly for buses and trucks, and a Preferential Handling Procedure for a smaller number of Imported Motor Vehicles.

Equipment Type Designation System

This system confirms in advance the compliance of motor vehicle components to safety, environmental, and other regulations set by the government.
Vehicles  which had equipped with  components that has granted this type  approval are exempted from the technical testing when applying for vehicle type approval, etc., which streamlines the examination process.
In 1998, Japan became a signatory to the United Nations Agreement on Mutual Recognition of Type Approval of Vehicles, etc., and is working to internationalize the type approval system. Component that has received type  approval in Japan is treated as compliance to the regulations of other signatory countries as well.


Principal tests

  • Collision tests

  • Emission tests, fuel consumption tests, etc.

  • Braking component test

  • Electromagnetic compatibility test

  • Sled tests