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Research of Visual Guidance System for Airport Surface Movement

At present, ground guidance and control for aircraft is based mainly on voice communications between control tower and pilots. There is considerable hope placed upon the installation of an advanced surface movement guidance and control system, called A-SMGCS ensuring safe and efficient surface movement operations for a growing volume of air traffic. A-SMGCS provides high grade visual aids for surface movement and support for control officers such as automatically making guidance plans.
The laboratory is analyzing and evaluating effects of the ASMGCS and is undertaking the development and evaluation of core elemental technologies for the A-SMGCS, such as the automatic selection of optimum taxiing routes, guidance methods with selective switching of the taxiway centerline lights and variable message guidance signs.

Taxiing Simulation
Variable Message Sign
A visual Scene on
a Flight-Training Simulator
(Reconstruction of the Follow Green)
Guidance for Surface Movement by Selective Switching of Lights