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Published papers

  • Measurement of the Rate of Multiple Fuel Injection with Diesel Fuel and DME
    SAE 2001 Transactions, Journal of Engines
    Aug. 2002[PDF download]
  • Development of a LNG Pump and its Application to Direct Injection LNG Engines
    International Journal of Engine Research I Mech E
    Jul. 2002[PDF download]
  • Project of a Heavy-Duty Truck in Japan
    5th International DME Association Meeting
    Dec. 12th, 2002 PDF[PDF download]
  • Application of Series Hybrid Power System to Urban Traffic Vehicles
    Meeting at Automobile Institute of Tsinghua University
    Dec. 11th, 2002[PDF download]
  • Trend of the Development of Fuel Cell Vehicles and the Poisoning by Fuel Containing Impurities in Fuel Cells
    Meeting at Automobile Institute of Tsinghua University
    Dec. 11th, 2002[PDF download]
  • Influence of Thermodenuder Dimension on Nanoparticle Measurement
    6th International ETH-Conference on Nanoparticle Measurement
    Dec. 3rd, 2002[PDF download]
  • Development Project of Ultra Low Emission DME Heavy-Duty Truck
    International Symposium on Alcohol Fuels XIV
    Nov. 15th, 2002[PDF download]
  • A Decline in Fuel Cell Performance Resulting from Fuel Containing Impurities -3rd Report-
    The 19th international electric vehicle symposium(EVS)
    Oct. , 2002[PDF download]
  • Evaluation method of Maglev for introducing urban transport in Japan
    Maglev'02(Magnetic Levitation Vehicle conference
    Sep. 3rd, 2002[PDF download]
  • Air Suspended and LIM Propulsion Transit System and Next Generation PRT
    Maglev'02(Magnetic Levitation Vehicle conference
    Sep. 3rd, 2002[PDF download]
  • Experimental and Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Flash-Boiling on Auto-Ignition Quality of Hydrocarbon Fuels
    2002 JSAE Annual Congress
    Jul. 25th, 2002[PDF download]
  • Challenges for Heavy-Duty Alternative Fuel Engines and Prospective Technologies in Japan
    FISITA 2002 World Automotive Congress
    Jun. 5th, 2002[PDF download]
  • Analysis of a decline of Fuel Cell Productivity with Fuel Containing Impurities
    2002 FISITA World Automotive Congress
    Jun. 3rd, 2002[PDF download]
  • N2O Emissions from Vehicles Equipped with Three-Way Catalysts in a Cold Climate
    SAE 2002 International Spring Fuel & Lubricants Meeting & Exposition
    May 8th, 2002[PDF download]
  • Development of An Adaptive Control Simulation System for Vehicle Exhaust Noise Reduction
    JSAE Review Vol.22, No.2.2001
    Mar.-Apr. 2003[PDF download]
  • Study of the Effect of Boiling Point on Combustion and PM Emissions in a Compression Ignition Engine Using Two-Component Normal Paraffin Fuels
    SAE 2002 world Congress
    Mar. 6th, 2002[PDF download]
    The Eleventh International Pacific Conference of Automotive Engineering (IPC-11)
    Nov. 6th, 2001[PDF download]
  • PM Measurement with Partial Dilution Tunnel- Influence of Sampling Line on PM Measurement -
    SAE 2001 International Fall Fuel & Lubricants Meeting & Exposition
    Sep. 25th, 2001[PDF download]
  • Experimental Examination with Elevated Structural Model Concerning Multiple Reflection of Noise Barrier in Noise Forecast of the Ordinary Railways
    The 2001 International Conference on Noise Control Engineering (Inter Noise 2001)
    Aug. 29th, 2001[PDF download]
  • Fundamental Study of Flash-Boiling Ignition by Fuel Ignition Analyzer
    The 16th international Combustion Engine Symposium
    Sep. 12th, 2001[PDF download]