Director for International Harmonization Promotion

About International Harmonization Promotion

Efforts to internationally harmonize automobile technical regulations have been made by World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29) within the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN-ECE). Japan has been actively working on the development and amendment of UN regulations and UN global technical regulations under the international agreements sponsored by UN-ECE/WP29

To support the Japanese government’s efforts, the NTSEL joins a variety of meetings organized under UN-ECE/WP29 and actively proposes regulations and test procedures making best use of the results of its studies and type approval tests, and based on Japanese advanced automobile technology.


NTSEL Global Partnership

Country Institution name conclusion
The Federal Republic of Germany  BASt(The Federal Highway Research Institute) January 21, 2014
Kingdom of the Netherlands  TNO(The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research) October 03, 2023
South Korea   KATRI(Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute)  May 09,2024

List of Chairs in WP.29

 Informal Working Groups  NTSEL staff
 GRVA  Cyber Security and Over-The-Air software updates (CS/OTA)  Co-Chair : Dr. T. Niikuni
 GRPE  Electric Vehicle and Environment (EVE)  Vice-Chair : Dr. N. Okui
 GRPE  Automotive-Life Cycle Assessment (A-LCA)   Co-Chair : Dr. T. Niikuni
 Technical Secretary : Mr. N. Ichikawa
 GRBP  Quiet Road Transport Vehicles (QRTV UN GTR)  Vice-Chair : Dr. I. Sakamoto
 GRBP  Real-Driving Additional Sound Emission Provisions (RD-ASEP)  Co-Chair : Dr. H. Houzu
 GRSP  Electric Vehicle Safety (EVS)  Technical Secretary : Dr. K. Koshika