Layout of Facilities

Main Offices and Facilities(Chofu City, Tokyo)

Automobile Proving Ground and 2nd Automobile Proving Ground (Location: Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture)

自動車試験場の主な試験施設    Test Facilites

<自動車試験場  Automobile Proving Ground>
Land space : 246,000㎡

①正門 Main Gate
②直線路 Straight Section
③旋回路(大R部) Large Curvature Turning Section with Bank
④旋回路(小R部) Small Curvature Turning Section with Bank
⑤ABS試験路 Anti-Lock Brake System Test Section
⑥駐車制動試験路 Parking Brake Test Section
⑦騒音試験区域 Noise Test Section
⑧旋回時制動試験区域 Turning Braking Test Section
⑨SC試験路 Electronic Stability Control Test Section

A 施設管理棟 Management Building
B 計測審査棟 Vehicle Adjustment Building
C 現車確認審査棟 General Confirmation and Dimension Measuring Building
D 第1排出ガス審査棟 1st Exhaust Emission Test Building
E 第2排出ガス審査棟 2nd Exhaust Emission Test Building
F 審査車両保管庫 Test Vehicle Storage
G 大型車両審査棟 Large-size Motor Vehicle Test Building
H 高速ブレーキ準備棟 Preparation Building for High Speed Brake Test, etc.
I 走行路監視棟 Test Course Control Building
J スレッド試験審査棟 Sled System Test Building
K 衝突安全審査施設 Collision Safety Test Facilites
L 二輪車排出ガス審査棟 Exhaust Emission Test for Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicles
M エンジン審査棟 Engine Test Building
N 安全機能審査棟 Safety Function Test Building

<自動車試験場第二地区   2nd Automobile Proving Ground>
Land space : 50,000㎡


①正門 Main Gate
②騒音試験路 Noise Test Section
A 施設管理棟 Management Building
B 第1審査棟 1st Examination Building
   灯火精密暗室 Light Precision Darkroom
 灯火耐久試験室 Light Durability Examination Room
 運行記録計試験室 Tachograph Examination Room
 車載電子機器用電波暗室 Anechoic chamber for electrical/electronic sub-assembly
C 第2審査棟 2nd Examination Building
    シートベルト試験室 Seat Belt Examination Room
  乗員・歩行者保護試験室 Occupant and Pedestrian Protection Test Room
D 電磁両立性試験棟 Electro Magnetic Compatibility Test Building