What is NTSEL?

Creating a safe and environmentally friendly transportation system

Since its establishment in 1950 as a laboratory under the former Ministry of Transport, the National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory (NTSEL) has been working to help create a safe and environmentally friendly transport system through tests and studies supporting the government’s policymaking and standardization efforts for motor vehicles and other means of land transportation, automobile type approval tests, technical validation for motor vehicle recalls, etc.

On April 1, 2016, NTSEL was integrated with the former National Agency of Vehicle Inspection(NAVI) to start afresh as the National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory of the National Agency for Automobile and Land Transport Technology(NALTEC).After the integration, the NTSEL contributes to the development of national policies in an integrated manner, building on the strengths of the two organizations and addressing all aspects of issues relating to motor vehicles from the design stage to the in-use stage. It also actively conducts tests and research, as well as makes suggestions, as a central core in studies to help the government develop land transport-related regulations or standards, while providing technological support to the government’s international standardization activities based on fair and impartial data and findings.