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Automobile Type Approval Test Department

Testing of automobile braking equipment

The Automobile Type Approval Test Department conducts technical examinations of new vehicles and devices before they are put on sale concerning compliance with safety and environmental standards in accordance with the provisions of Road Vehicles Act. At present, test roads and dynamic testing equipment to recreate driving conditions are used to conduct a variety of tests such as tests of braking equipment and emission tests, while automobile crash test equipment is used to test occupant protection and automobile equipment in head-on collisions. These tests are conducted at the main facility in Chofu in addition to the Automobile Proving Ground and 2nd Automobile Proving Ground which both have test drive facilities.

The organization of the Automobile Type Approval Test Department and Automobile Proving Ground is shown below.

Emission testing
Testing of occupant protection in head-on collisions

Automobile Type Approval Test Department

In order to actively and effectively conduct evaluations of motor vehicles while improving standards and responding to the introduction of new technology, a staffing system has been used to create a group for each specialized area of evaluation.

Automobile Proving Ground

This section is responsible for the maintenance and management of the Automobile Proving Ground facilities.