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Certification of Railway Products by NTSEL

Certification of Railway Products by National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory, JAPAN

Certification is an evidence of superiority in safety and reliability of railway products. NRCC* contributes to safety of railways in the world through certification.

*An abbreviation for National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory - Railway Certification Center

NRCC Certification of Railway Products

NRCC is a product certification body that certifies conformity with RAMS and other international standards under the international rules for certification bodies.

NRCC is:

  • A certification body established in National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory ("NTSEL"), an Independent Administrative Institution under the control of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of Japan in 2011. NRCC certification is guaranteed to be impartial and neutral.
  • A certification body knowledgeable about Japanese railway technologies. NRCC carries out appropriate certification assessment which is supported by many achievements of safety assessment and technical strength of experts who are familiar with every aspect of Japanese railway.

NTSEL - Development and its Safety Assessments

NTSEL has its origin in the Transportation Technical Research Institute established in April, 1950 as a general technical research institute of (then) Ministry of Transport, which was later reorganised to eventually establish Traffic Safety and Nuisance Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport in July, 1970. In April, 2001, the Institute was restructured as current NTSEL, an Independent Administrative Institute. In April, 2016, NTSEL was integrated with the former National Agency of Vehicle Inspection to start afresh as the National Traffic Safety and Environment Laboratory of the National Agency for Automobile and Land Transport Technology. In order to ensure safety of public transport, NTSEL, as a national institute, has carried out impartial and neutral evaluation with respect to safety and reliability of a new traffic system or a new safety equipment to be introduced. NTSEL has given more than 100 assessments to date for CBTC and other signalling systems, vehicle braking systems, etc.