National Traffic Safety and Environment Lavoratory

Cable-driven Transportation Systems


Cable-driven transportation systems such as ropeways and gondola lifts use relatively simple equipment as the vehicle is driven by a rope, and in comparison with other means of transport, they are extremely well suited to use in steep terrain. Recently, systems using new technology have been developed and operated in Japan and other countries. In the field of cable-driven transportation systems, we are conducting experiments, surveys and research on equipment, vehicles and operation of such transportation systems.

Current Major Research Topics

  1. Fundamental research on methods for measuring sheave loads of cable-driven transportation systems
  2. Research on reducing the swinging movement of cableway carriers

Past Major Research Topics, etc.

  1. Testing, investigation and analysis of safety for rope-driven traffic systems
  2. Fundamental research on improvement of windproof performance for ropeway carriers
  3. Research on dynamic characteristics of ropeway carriers

Major Testing Facilities and Devices

  • Test Facilities of Lift Grips
  • Equipment for testing rope fatigue strength
  • Deropement test equipment