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New Railways and City Transportation Systems


The new railway and city transportation systems field undertakes research and development of LRT and linear maglev railways for new public city transit systems which utilize technology not used in conventional railways and when these systems are applied in practice evaluates the technology used from a safety and reliability perspective to determine whether the system is suitable for society or not. Another important responsibility is the carrying out of new technological research and evaluations of traffic simulations and barrier-free innovations related to trends in public transport and traffic systems.

Current Major Research Topics

  1. Research on Traffic Simulation of Combined Traffic Networks
  2. Research on evaluation of the function of urban traffic systems
  3. Improvement of the city traffic environment by promoting regular bus services

Past Major Research Topics, etc.

  1. Research on Advanced Light Rail Transit Systems
  2. Safety evaluation for the primary side on ground linear motor driven system
  3. LRT WORKSHOP 2000
  4. LRT WORKSHOP 1997

Major Testing Facilities and Devices