National Traffic Safety and Environment Lavoratory

New Engines and Alternative Energy


In order to provide radical solutions to environmental and energy problems caused by automobiles, it is necessary not only to make improvements to conventional vehicles powered by gasoline and diesel, but also to promote the use of hybrid cars that utilize motors, cars powered by compressed natural gas (CNG) engines and dimethyl ether (DME) engines, and fuel cell vehicles that are considered to have the greatest efficiency and be the ultimate in clean vehicles. In the section responsible for research on the new engines and alternative energy, focus is placed on development of such low emission vehicles and means of accurately assessing their performance

Current Major Research Topics

  1. Research and development of next-generation environmentally friendly heavy duty vehicles
  2. Research on the optimization of fuel cell power systems
  3. Research on LNG (liquid natural gas) engines for trucks
  4. Research on the improvement of city traffic environment by promoting the use of buses
  5. Harmonization of international standard regarding vehicles with new types of power

Past Major Research Topics, etc.

  1. Research on automotive engines fueled with dimethyl ether
  2. Research and development of next-generation ultra compact commuter vehicles for urban use
  3. Research on technical evaluation of LNG engines for heavy duty vehicles
  4. Research on reducing exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles by using natural gas as fuel
  5. Research on technical evaluation of highly efficient power systems for urban vehicles

Major Testing Facilities and Devices

  • 1st Engine Test Building (DME engine testing bench)
  • 2nd Engine Test Building (natural gas engines, hybrid evaluation equipment, fuel cell evaluation equipment)
  • Low Emission Vehicle Test Building (Cell charge/discharge testing equipment)
  • Large-Sized Motor Vehicle Exhaust Research Building (DME engine testing bench, large chassis dynamo meter)