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Control of Emissions from Automobile Engines


Sine the laboratory's inception in 1970, research on methods for measuring and technologies for reducing automobile emissions has been conducted here and the accumulated knowledge is one of the best in Japan. The results obtained have been used for preparing the technical standards for automobile type approval and have had an impact on many of the country's automobile administration policies. Together with the current increase in regulations on automobile emissions, we are endeavoring to further advance measurement methods in this area and working on the latest technology to reduce such emissions.

Current Major Research Topics

  1. Research on the next generation measurement methods for exhaust gas emissions
  2. Research on measurement of nanoparticles in automobile emission
  3. Studies to establish a means of measuring numbers of particulates, their surface areas and other related figures
  4. Research on the impact of DI diesel engine fuel and engine conditions on PM, PAH and nitro PAH emissions
  5. Determination of the unregulated pollutants emitted by automobiles and research on technology to curb emissions
  6. Research on improving emissions from high load diesel using HCCI
  7. Research on improving micro tunnel measurement precision
  8. Research on reactions and measurements of automobile emission components
  9. Research on the development of a next generation emission measurement system for ultra low emission vehicles
  10. Fundamental research on methods for analyzing the process of particulate generation
  11. Research on the practical application of car-mounted NOx sensors and techniques to use these.

Past Major Research Topics, etc.

  1. Studies on emission assessment and evaluation technology for consistency with international standards for large diesel vehicles
  2. Research on improved efficiency and reduced pollution from diesel engines using new combustion methods
  3. Research on the evaluation of the soot reduction effect of diesel particulate filters
  4. Development of mobile source measurement technology
  5. Research on ultra low emission technology using fuel and combustion improvements in diesel engines and on the evaluation of such technology
  6. Study on cold start emission behavior and purification technology
  7. Research on emission measurement for heavy duty diesel engines under transient operations
  8. Research on reducing exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles by using natural gas as a fuel
  9. Research on testing procedures reagrding durability and safety for diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems
  10. Research on the practical application of regenerable filter trap oxidizers and oxidation catalyst systems for diesel particulate control
  11. Research on the practical application of a three-way catalyst system for medium/heavy duty gasoline trucks
  12. Analysis of the reaction mechanism of NOx selective reduction catalysts for lean combustion and the effect on NOx reductions under practical conditions

Major Testing Facilities and Devices

  • Engine test bench in heavy duty diesel engines
  • Full dilution tunnel
  • Micro tunnel
  • ELPI(Electrical Low Pressure Impactor)
  • SMPS(Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer)
  • Nanomet
  • CAST
  • Chassis dynamo meter in Low Emission Vehicle Test Building
  • Chassis dynamo meter for 4WD vehicles
  • Single cylinder research engine in Exhaust Gas Test Building
  • Chassis dynamo meter for heavy duty vehicle