National Traffic Safety and Environment Lavoratory

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Automotive Research Department

Automotive Safety Research Department

Head-on collision test
of compact passenger car
and normal passenger car

The Automotive Safety Research Department conducts experiments and research on reducing damage caused by collisions, vehicle maneuverability and braking, lighting performance, automobile information systems and resistance of automobile electronic equipment to electromagnetic waves in order to ensure and improve automobile safety.

Test driving
Anechoic Chamber

Major Fields of Research in the Automotive Safety Research Department

Environmental Research Department

Large diesel dynamo

In the Environmental Research Department, the laboratory conducts experiments and research regarding automobile-related environmental protection and securing the effective utilization of energy; research on automobile exhaust gas measurement and assessment testing methods; takes steps to reduce toxic components found in exhaust gas such as nitrogen oxides and particulates; and places emphasis on technologies such as those to reduce noise and fuel consumption in automobile engines.

Performance tests of fuel cells
Noise reduction
and evaluation of railways and motor vehicles

Principal Areas of Research in the Environmental Research Department