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HOMEResearch ActivitiesResearch on Higher Performance and Intelligence of Steerable Bogies

Research on Higher Performance and Intelligence of Steerable Bogies

There are many sharp curves in subways and other urban railway lines, causing noise and vibration. Sharp curves accelerate rail and wheel wear and increase maintenance work and cost. A bogie that allows smooth traveling on curves is called a steerable bogie. Aimed at achieving higher performance of a steerable bogie, model tests and actual size bogie tests are conducted in this research project to study problems associated with contact between wheels and rails in addition to the motion characteristics of the steerable bogie. This research project contributes to building railways that assure smoother negotiation of sharp curves and less wear of rails and wheels.

Test Rotary Model
(Single-Axle Steerable Bogie in top,
Rail in bottom)
Rail / Wheel contact
Active-bogie-steering Truck on
Test Stand